Plan Options

Convenience, flexibility and value are built into each dining plan for the 2023-2024 school year. Once you've selected the dining plan that best suits your timetable and lifestyle, it will be computer coded onto your campus ID. Every week your meal plan will reset to the amount of meals that is attached to your student account. Meal plan resets every Thursday.
19 Meal Plan + $200 Buzz Bucks: Allows 19 meals each week for the entire semester. No matter what happens throughout the year, we make sure you never go hungry
10 Meal Plan + $275 Buzz Bucks: Perfect for the light eater or if you're frequently away from campus on weekends. Choose any 10 meals per week. 
7 Meal Plan + $225 Buzz Bucks: Fit for people that rarely go into the cafeteria but still want a taste of some of our delicious meals!
Flex 160 Meal Plan + $200 Buzz Bucks: The Flex 160 Meal Plan, is our most versatile meal plan. Here is how it works: You get 160 units for the semester to use when and where you want. Each unit is worth one meal in Cosgrove or you can stop by the Sodexo Food Services Office in Cosgrove to exchange Units for Buzz Bucks at a rate of $5 each. Here is an example: After looking at your schedule, you realize you can only eat six meals a week (leaving 64 that you can't make), so you can exchange them for $5 each giving you $320 in Buzz Bucks. 
**Please note: While this plan offers great flexibility, it also comes with added responsibility. Students need to regularly monitor the meal units remaining to ensure they have enough meals to last the entire semester.**
Faculty have option to purchase meal plan as well! We also offer a special 5 meals for $25. Contact or for inquiry on this amazing deal opportunity

Buzz Bucks

Buzz Bucks are kept on your student ID. These can be used to purchase retail items at the Beehive Coffee Shop or Rogalski Center Food Court. 

Purchase Buzz Bucks Here!

If you have any questions regarding adding Buzz Bucks, please call us at 563.333.6360 or email