You can go to the Sodexo Office in Cosgrove Dining Hall during regular business hours and add any amount of Buzz Bucks to your ID card paying cash, check, or credit card. If you like, you can add Buzz Bucks by calling Cosgrove at (563) 333-6360.

No, you only need your SAU ID card.

Yes. For every $100 dollars you put on your card we add $5 in Buzz Bucks. Add that to your tax free purchases, and it's like getting $112 for every $100 you add.

Yes. You cannot eat at Cosgrove without your ID card.

No. What you don't spend you lose. However, any Buzz Bucks you add during the semester and don't spend will be available to you the following semester.

No. Meal plans are not transferable. The meals you do not use are not refundable. You can use your Buzz Bucks at Cosgrove to buy guest meals or to buy meals for yourself if you have used up your meals for the week.

No. The Food Court accepts cash, check, credit and debit cards, and Buzz Bucks.

If you lose or misplace your ID, a temporary ID may be obtained from the Dean of Students' office and is valid for 24 hours. You can reach them at the Dean of Students office in the Rogalski Center, second floor, (563) 333-6358.

If your student has special dietary needs please contact Tiffany Hayes.